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Marian Rivera Denies Ogie Diaz’s Blind Item About Pregnancy

Netizens went gaga after reading a tweet from Ogie Diaz about someone in showbiz who’s pregnant. Apparently, the girl has MR initials and he named Marian Rivera, Mariel Rodriguez, and…


What’s The Problem With The Actress Who Follows Her Cut-Off Time?

In an ideal working place and situation, the answer to the question “What’s The Problem With The Actress Who Follows Her Cut-Off Time?” is NOTHING. There’s is no problem and…

Separated Celebrity Gets Mad About News Of Her New Relationship

Our blind item of the day is from Nora Calderon(Tita Noi). Apparently, there’s this celebrity who is separated from her husband who gets mad when stuff about her new relationship…

Nitz Miralles Blind Item: Actress Might Be Sued By Film Producer

Nitz Miralles wrote an intriguing blind item about an actress who could possibly be sued by a film producer whom interestingly enough is producing the movie the actress is on….

Starlet’s Attitude At The Rebisco Corporate Dinner

We received an e-mail regarding this Starlet’s attitude last Friday night during the Rebisco Corporate Dinner. She wrote it in Tagalog but we’re translating it here.

Blind Item: Heartless Mother Of A Female Star

I don’t know why we don’t post more blind items here. Sometimes it’s actually fun to guess who the people are involved in blind items. Like this one, posted by…