Is This Diether Ocampo’s New Significant Friend?

When Diether Ocampo was asked how he spent his Valentine’s Day, Diether shared that he spent it with mother and a significant friend. Upon further prodding, Diether voluntarily gave more infos about the girl. She’s a silver medalist equestrienne. She’s in a cover of a sports magazine that Diether photographed himself. Albeit not divulging the girl’s name, Diether disclosed what sports magazine it is which is Spark so, I Googled. But of course.

Si Diet naman ay kasama rin niya ang mommy niya at isang aniya ay “significant friend.”

Does this “significant friend” have a name?
“Yes. She’s actually on the cover of a sports magazine. Bumili na lang kayo ng magazine kasi ako nag-shoot nun eh. It’s been a while I haven’t been back to photography, so, it took me while to get back to eat,” deklara ni Diet.

Does this mean that he’s dating this girl?
“Yeah, getting to know each other, exploring,” pag-amin niya.

Kumusta naman ang exploration.
“It’s fantastic,” sagot ng aktor.
Nahingan pa si Diet ng info about the girl at say niya, “She’s part of the national theme for equestrienne. She’s actually a silver medalist.” Pero ayaw niya talagang sabihin ang name at tingnan na lang daw sa Spark Magazine. (source: vinia vivar)

From these magazine scans(click to view larger versions), as well as the caption in the 1st picture posted in Spark’s facebook page, Diether Ocampo is credited as the photographer. Michelle Cojuangco Barrera is also referred to as a World-class equestrienne. Therefore we can safely deduce that Michelle Cojuangco Barrera is Diether Ocampo’s Spark’s cover girl equestrienne significant friend.

(Images: Spark Magazine Facebook)