Marian Rivera Is #4 In Yahoo Malaysia Search

Marian Rivera was #3 in the top trending searches in Yahoo Malaysia back in April 14th. Today, May 13th, Marian’s name can be found as one of the top 10 searches once again. She’s #4 this time around. And yesterday, she was #4 in Yahoo Philippines while her upcoming movie Temptation Island trended in Twitter. Cool Beans, no?

All these clamor is because of the MARIMAR show which captured everyone in Malaysia after the airing of Dyesebel. According to Popoy’s tweet while in Hawaii a few days ago, he almost fainted when he saw a commercial of Dingdong & Marian on TV. Oh yeah, Marimar is almost everywhere now. Expect more success and blessings once AMAYA starts, which also means being aware of all the demolition jobs that are lurking out there. Especially with Marian’s induction as a celebrity endorser for Philippine Red Cross.

Congrats Marian (& Dingdong too of course)!!