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KC Concepcion Fulfills Her Childhood Dreams Of Being Darna & A Mermaid

Last Sunday for ASAP, KC Concepcion was all excited that even for just a little bit through a production number, she was able to portray the Philippines female hero, DARNA….

There’s A Non-Showbiz Guy In KC Concepcion’s Life

So while everyone is waiting and watching respectfully, with a slight tinge of impatience where the friendship of KC Concepcion & Jules Knight are heading to, there’s apparently a non-showbiz…

KC Concepcion On Falling In Love Again

KC Concepcion admitted that she was slightly traumatized when with happened to her and Piolo Pascual but not to the point of being completely afraid to fall in love again….

Jules Knight Greets KC Concepcion With A Sweet Tweet

Even though KC Concepcion herself warned fans not to give hasty conclusions regarding her dinner with Jules Knight of BLAKE, you can’t help but smile when you read their sweet…

KC Concepcion & Jules Knight

Is something brewing between KC Concepcion and Jules Knight(BLAKE)? Well, they went out to dinner, that’s for sure. I mean, who wouldn’t go out to dinner with a Man who…

KC Concepcion Is The X-Factor Philippines Host

It has been officially announced 3 days ago that KC Concepcion will be hosting the Philippines installment of reality show X-Factor. This announcement came after KC renewed her contract with…