My .2Cents On The Vhong Navarro – Deniece Cornejo – Cedric Lee Incident

Alright, after reading all the news reports on showbiz sites, watching videos, opinions on Facebook and Twitter, here’s what I think about this whole unfortunate Vhong Navarro – Deniece Cornejo – Cedric Lee incident. If you’d care to know, of course. The truth is, we don’t know the whole truth so we’re all just stating our opinions on the matter based on what’s been written out there(and hopefully with our own common sense, HEH!). So here’s my .2cents.


Deniece CornejoGirrrlll, WTF are you doing bootycalling a 37 yr old man whom I’m pretty sure you know  has a girlfriend and kids? With follow up dates to boot?

Vhong Navarro (Bless you heart and I pray for your recovery) – What in the world are you doing answering a bootycall from a 22 yr old girl when you have a girlfriend and kids? With follow up dates to boot?

Vhong, when a woman says NO, it means NO. It doesn’t matter if the people involved were messing around in the beginning. When one party tells the other party to stop, you better stop.

Deniece, you better not be lying about an attempted rape being committed against you. When a woman lie about crimes against women like RAPE, you are putting REAL victims of rape all over the world in harms way. The more people lying about rape the more people acting all cynical and untrustworthy towards the people who’ve experienced such horrible crime. Plus, you’re ruining the accused person’s life.

CEDRIC LEE and cohorts on beating the crap out of Vhong Navarro
I can’t even think of a word coz it’s hard to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying. If Deniece is telling the truth, from a Mother’s perspective, I personally couldn’t comprehend what I would’ve done if I was right there. HOWEVER, if Deniece was lying then what was done to Vhong, bruised face and possible other parts of his body as well, was inhumane. Who the effin’ hell Cedric thinks he is? The sad truth is there’s a lot of men like him in the Philippines acting all mighty and above the law because they’re rich.

In conclusion and in my honest opinion, everyone involved here have committed something idiotic. There’s something wrong from all sides. Was the alleged attempted rape committed? That’s up to the investigation according to the evidence presented. Assault on Vhong? Definitely!

As for the whole network war happening in social media, get a hold of yourselves. This has nothing to do with networks.