WATCH: 2013 Christmas Station ID From ABS-CBN & GMA 7


It’s that time of year again when the networks release their Christmas Station IDs to show their holiday spirit. ABS-CBN’s ID is almost 10 minutes long and focuses on the stories of Filipinos all over the world. GMA 7 on the other hand went for the spiritual theme to remind everyone the reason why we’re celebrating Christmas.

Both IDs have strong and meaningful messages but if you ask me to pick the best one I’d pick ABS-CBN’s ID. The editing and execution are so much more natural and interactive. In GMA 7′s ID, you could tell that the stars were not given proper schedule to shoot a holiday station ID altogether. They were all put in one frame thanks to the magic of a video editor that some people were not blending or completely out of sync with each other. Meanwhile, there’s camaraderie and touch of network solidarity in ABS-CBN’s Christmas ID.

That’s just my opinion of course. Which network ID do you prefer more?