Marian Rivera Will Shoot A New TV Commercial

Aside from being busy with regional shows while waiting for her next soap opera, Marian Rivera will shoot a new TV commercial next week for a “drink” company. It’s no secret that Marian basically slowed down in making TV commercials in the last couple of years albeit maintaining her clamor and popularity in the industry. If you ask me how and why that happened, well, I’d say it’s mostly because of bad management, or ex-management rather. But, that’s just my opinion, Hah.

Anyhooo, bygones perhaps? Moving on with Marian’s new management, look forward to her return in the TV ads department. In regard to what “drink” she’ll be shooting for, there are all sorts of drinks in the beverage category. There’s bottled water, hard liquor, beers, sodas, juices, teas, or there’s the much-loved morning drink, coffee. I could tell you what it is but I’m not supposed to yet so take your pick for now and be awake once it airs on TV.