Dingdong Dantes VS Marian Rivera: The Best KILIG Pictures

The way Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are posting their birthday/vacation pictures since August 2nd have led me to deduce that the couple are having a photograph competition. Who’s going to make their fans faint first? Who can post the best romantic picture on Instagram? Well, let’s see the pictures, shall we?

August 2nd 2013: 

Marian Rivera:


Dingdong Dantes:

August 3rd 2013: Marian Rivera responds to Dingdong’s August 2 picture


August 4th 2013: Dingdong Dantes counters


Marian Rivera gives her own

If you’ve noticed from the pictures, Dingdong likes to post side-view shots while Marian posts the front-view shots. So, who’s winning so far? There’s still Marian’s birthday week starting the 12th so this is going to take a while. I hope you’re still OK by that time.