My Husband’s Lover Day 3

Dennis Trillo 05.jpgLally found it amusing to find a young boy’s picture inserted in the dropped picture frame of Vincent after it fell hence spilling the contents. She just picked up the photo and asked Vincent who was it.

“Sino si Eric?”

Vincent just said Eric is his best friend then tried to sleep it off. Lally slept off the idea too after seeing Vincent sleep it off himself … or did he?

David earlier has been telling around anyone wiling to listen that Vincent is using Lally as a beard to protect his one true love = Eric. Embittered over having to face the openly gay life without the man that he loved, he just found it very hard to keep things to himself. As for Vincent, he chose to go on with the charade and wake up in the middle of the night to stare at Eric’s photo long enough to remember everything that occurred between them.

It was a bittersweet affair. The next thing that happened is I found myself reaching for a box of Kleenex as the events unfolded right through my eyes.

Sorry, folks, the MTRCB didn’t have a problem with men going shirtless but they made sure there would be no gay kiss. I quit understanding why. I am just happy to see Vincent be the gentleman (?) that he is and not take advantage of Eric while he’s drunk and asleep.

That night disturbed Vincent for no end. He went to church teary-eyed praying to God one of the most honest prayers ever uttered.

“Lord, ayokong maging ganito …”

Then Eric called. Once. Twice. Several times. Eric got teary-eyed himself in panic that Vincent is not answering his calls and realizing that perhaps he is indeed avoiding him. Days later, he got hospitalized for an overdose.

Tom Rodriguez 09.jpgVincent ran to the hospital to see Eric hoping the suicide attempt totally failed. That’s when he learned everything from Sinag, Eric’s mom, how much he loved him and how depressed he got. when Vincent stopped seeing him nor returning his calls.

She knew his son is gay. And she accepted him out of love. To make sure her efforts at calling Vincent didn’t go to waste, she left Vincent to have time with Eric alone. Vincent poured everything out to him and cried like there is no tomorrow.

“Wag ka nang uulit …. kasi mahal na mahal kita …”

Awww …

The way Direk Dominic Zapata presented how the couple started from sparks in the basketball court to tranquil sunsets by the bay is so romantic, it confirmed my long suppressed suspicion that some gays have better love affairs than most straight couples. Gays have often been proud of being the better lovers but media has this twisted way of sexualizing that claim which reflects the kind of mentality some media practitioners have. Sad but true. Vincent and Eric were trying hard not to hold hands so as not to arouse suspicions from the crowd, particularly young girls swept off their feet at the sight of them hunks, but the back of their palms are shown brushing against each other often enough to make sparks fly and make girls like me drown in “kilig”. I love that treatment. It focuses on the emotions and dismisses the mistaken notion that gays just wanted sex and not relationships. It doesn’t involve money either, some bigots like Armando think gays are just after sex and are willing to pay to have it. Gays want true love too. Not all men who fall for openly gay guys are just after the money.

Pairing off Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo as a gay love team is a major gamble. This is the best gamble that GMA made so far. The payoff was more than expected. The ratings were high and the ad load eventually came and we see an increase in ad load in the coming episodes. Quite an inconvenience for viewers like us but when something as risky as “My Husband’s Lover” comes along, it makes you appreciative of the support that these companies are giving this soap.