Marian Rivera In A Nat Manilag Green & Nude Brown Plunging Neckline Gown

As Angeline Santos Salcedo in Temptation of Wife, Marian Rivera wore two gown when she attended Heidi’s masquerade ball. The first one was a sexy red Charina Sarte cutout gown which Heidi miraculously replicated overnight with the help of the designer for the party servers to wear to humiliate Angeline. ALAS, Angeline has a friend in Patrick who always carries backup gowns in the trunk of the car.

Much to Heidi’s chagrined, the second gown from Nat Manilag is even more fabulous than the first one. A skin tone plunging neckline(with a built-in skin tone fabric) with green rosette details on the V-neck and on top of the flowing green skirt. What a gorgeous Poison Ivy-esque gown that’s perfect for Angeline’s flawless complexion and gorgeous frame.

Then Heidi had the audacity to challenge Angeline into a dance battle. Angeline took that one home too. You’d think this would make Heidi give up her illusions but let’s not hold our breaths yet. Don’t miss the remaining episodes of Temptation Of Wife starting this coming Monday.

(Images: John Paul Dizon)