Oyo Boy Sotto Explains Why Kristine Hermosa Turned Down “Pangako Sa ‘Yo” Remake

Apparently, ABS-CBN is or was planning to do a remake of the successful hit Pangako Sa ‘Yo which catapulted Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales years ago. The EchoTin love team was loved by many Filipinos as well as people in Malaysia. So there is/was a remake in the helm which will reunite Kristine and Jericho except this time around they’ll play the Father and Mother. From reading Oyo Sotto’s article, the show is a remake, not a continuation of the story so we can deduce that Kristine Hermosa would be playing either the roles of Jean Garcia or Eula Valdez.

Errrmmm… you’re actually going to make Kristine play a mother of a Teenager? When did she have the baby, when she was 10? Oyo might have felt the same way too which is why he advised his wife not to accept it.

During the said presscon, Oyo also revealed that his beauteous wife Kristine Hermosa was offered by ABS-CBN to again be a part of the phenomenal soap opera Pangako Sa ‘Yo. The soap elevated Kristine and leading man Jericho Rosales to stardom. This endearing soap was shown in Malaysia in 2010, making the love team of Kristine and Echo a big hit among Malaysians.

In 2010, Kristine was previously seen in ABS-CBN’s action-fantasy soap Noah where she played the role of a fairy named Eva.

When asked to confirm whether or not Kristine would be part of the Pangako Sa ‘Yo remake, Oyo disclosed that he advised Kristine not to accept the project because she was offered a mother role.

“Parang hindi maganda kasi sila [ni Jericho] yung gaganap na nanay at tatay. Sabi ko, ‘huwag na, hayaan mo na lang yung Pangako Sa ‘Yo na as is na lang na iniiwan n’yo sa taong na talagang solid sa puso nila, di ba? Kahit hanggang ngayon sa Instagram yung mga Malaysians sinasabi, ‘We love Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales.’” (source: pep.ph)

If the role is meant to be a Mother to a toddler then it’s sad that Kristine turned it down. However, if Kristine has to play a Mother to a teen or a young woman/man then it’s understandable for her to say no. Kristine Hermosa is too young to be playing that Mother’s age. With her age now and status in life, ABS-CBN should be able to give her a prime leading role that wouldn’t box her in as a Mom to teenagers. C’mon now.

Well, that’s my opinion, what’s yours? Do you agree with Oyo’s suggestion to Kristine not to take the Mother role for the Pangako Sa Yo remake? Vote YES or NO in the poll below.

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