Is Popoy Caritativo Team Marcel Or Team Nigel?

Just in case you don’t know yet, Popoy Caritativo is the manager of Marian Rivera, Dennis Trillo, and Rafael Rosell. These 3 are headlining GMA 7′s Temptation of Wife alongside Glaiza de Castro. Dennis Trillo plays Marcel while Rafael Roselle plays Nigel, who are both after Angeline, played by Marian Rivera. It seems like some viewers’ blood pressure have been up these past couple of weeks due to Angeline’s stubborn heart who can’t seem to get over her love for her first husband Marcel while Nigel waits(impatiently) on the side. This whole Team Marcel VS Team Nigel rivalry have taken over the viewers’ sensibilities, some more than others.

I thought I’d up the ante by asking Popoy Caritativo which team he’ll pick. Marcel or Nigel? I somehow knew what he was going to say but yah know, just for fun, I’ll ask him anyway. Popoy aka Momsie was such a good sport and gave such a funny answer.

FilipinasInShowbiz ?@PinaysInShowbiz
Let’s ask @popoycaritativo. Momsie, Team Marcel or Team Nigel? HAHA. It’s like a parent favoring one child over the other :)

Popoy Caritativo ?@popoycaritativo
@PinaysInShowbiz Ay, hindi ko rin alam ang isasagot ko dyan eh. Team Bernard na lang @jctiuseco , hehe.

Even “Bernard” himself thought it was funny.

FilipinasInShowbiz ?@PinaysInShowbiz
@popoycaritativo HAHAHA. Ang swerte ni Bernard @jctiuseco. Thanks for being a good sport :D. Have a great weekend :)

jc tiuseco ?@jctiuseco
@popoycaritativo @pinaysinshowbiz Haha!!!

FilipinasInShowbiz ?@PinaysInShowbiz
@jctiuseco Ang hirap kasi so Ikaw na lang :)

Well, since we’re already here? Which team are you? Marcel or Nigel? Just post your answer in the comments box. Please, try not to kill each other, HEHE!