An Open Letter To ABS-CBN From A Maricel Soriano Fan

Here’s a heartfelt open letter to ABS-CBN written by a Maricel Soriano fan in the midst of this unfortunate incident with Gerald Anderson wherein the Diamond Star has been taken out of the show and replaced by Dawn Zulueta.

I am a TFC subscriber for more than 7 years. Thanks for giving joy to many Filipinos around the world through TFC, Cinema One and bringing Star Cinema films for screening here in the US.

I am also a Maricel Soriano supporter. Been waiting for the day that she will finally be back home as Kapamilya. Me and my family have been so happy when we started seeing her guest in ABS shows again and learning about an upcoming teleserye she will have.

I grew up watching Maricel on ABS CBN since Maricel Drama Special days when I was still in the Philippines.

When I heard about the unfortunate incident that resulted to dropping her from the teleserye, I was clearly shocked and was truly unhappy on how it was handled. All the news on the network that I loved seem to be ONE SIDED. How can it NOT be possible for the network to PROTECT BOTH TALENTS – its homegrown talent Gerald Anderson and its Kapamliya for 23 years Maricel Soriano? Why would the network take side or should it take sides? Ganun ba ang pagiging Kapamilya?

I know that Marya can be mataray, can have her own flaws, and mistakes pero bakit nga po ba dapat may panigan? Her shouting incident may be true. But why make her appear EVIL and Gerald Anderson as the inaapi? Why can’t it be possible to settle this as any PAMILYA should? Kung may nagkakamali na kapamilya, tama namang turuan ng leksyon at tanggalin sa serye kung nararapat at di makakatulong sa lahat AT WALA NG SOLUSYON NA MASETTLE PA ANG DIFFERENCES. But did it really reach the point na wala ng pag-asa to settle it? Also why add insult to injury by handling the news the way it was? Na itinataas si Gerald through the Star Magic statement/one sided comments sa SIR/TV Patrol coverage habang ibinababa si Maricel Soriano?

I think 23 years of LOYALTY of Maricel Soriano to the network also deserve some fairness and respect. She is one of the few artists na umalis man sandali sa ABS CBN ay alam ninyong WALA NI ISA MANG MASAMANG SALITA na nasabi sa network because in her heart she will always be a KAPAMILYA.

I still hope that you do not disappoint many of us on what the network truly stands for. And end this as a KAPAMILYA should – pagkasunduin ang dalawa kahit di man lang magsama sa proyekto but at least settle it fairly and happily the way Kapamilyas should.

Still hoping that we see Maricel Soriano on ABS CBN than other networks.

Still hoping the right project will be given her at the right time with the right cast on the Kapamilya Network.

Because we know in her heart it is only with Kapamilya where she will be truly happy working with.

To end this note I want to share this online post from one Maricelian in one of her fan forums which I think could better express what every true Maricelian feels right now:

by isabel_felix, a Maricelian

“Bibitiwan mo na rin ba ako?”

Maricel is hurting. Weird as it may seem, many of her fans cried. I did.

As I read through the article from the Philippine Entertainment Portal, I felt her hurt. That singular question bespeaks of a deep pain and sadness of somebody who felt forsaken and betrayed by the very same people she has trusted and believed in. And who among us has not been there?

Maricel has always been fiercely loyal in friendship and in work. Eat Bulaga’s top executive Malou Choa-Fagar can attest to this. Need we mention Roderick Paulate? How about James Cooper who is reportedly now base somewhere in Mindanao?

In fact, despite everything that happened between her and ABS-CBN these past few years and even if she has appeared and guested in programs in other networks, Maricel left her heart in Mother Ignacia. She always considers ABS-CBN her home. How could she not? Two decades of her work life were spent in the network. It seems she’s happiest when she’s in the company of the people she considers a Kapamilya.

“Bibitiwan mo na rin ba ako?”

If Maricel has been a significant part of your growing up years and your tumultuous and awkward teenage years when you would sneak out of your class during your vacant periods just to get a glimpse of her on top of a van as she waved through her throngs of fans during theater tours in nearby Recto in the 80’s; or line up at the audience entrance at the Metropolitan Theater to watch her in “Maria! Maria!” or ask your dear father for an additional allowance just so you could buy a bleacher’s ticket for her sold-out concert, “Hello, Hello, Maricel” even if it would mean you would have to bring a telescope to see the stage; or dream that someday you would find a better way to pass through the strict and often abrasive security guards of ABS-CBN; you wouldn’t just shed a tear imagining the pain Maricel must have been feeling when she asked the now-bankable movie director, Wenn Deramas, “BIBITIWAN MO NA RIN BA AKO?”

To this, Deramas exclaimed, “Of course not!” reassuring Maricel that for those who truly know her and what she represents in the industry, working with her would be an experience of a lifetime. He added: “Yung oportunidad na makasama ko si Maricel sa isang TV [show] o pelikula, malaking bagay yun sa kahit na sino sa amin.”

And to probably put what happened between Maricel and Gerald in a more logical perspective, he explained: “Si Maricel, hindi mo mapupulaan sa kanyang trabaho—na si Maricel hindi magaling sa pelikula o teleserye… wala, e. Tinatrabaho niya yun at hindi puwede sa kanya na ‘ako lang ang magaling.’ Dapat tayo.”

“Bibitiwan mo na rin ba ako?”

If Maricel is reading this forum, or accessing Facebook or Twitter fan pages dedicated to her, she would know that aside from Deramas, the prolific and decent entertainment journalist, Arnel Ramos, and her close friends and dear family, her loyal legions of fans all over the world have long expressed more than what she’s asking and not in so many words would tell her:


Thanks for taking time to read this. God bless.