Pahiram Ng Sandali & Temptation Of Wife: January 17th Previews

Over at Pahiram Ng Sandali, Alex might finally have the chance to get closer to his real Dad. Would Janice give Alex his job back to honor Larry’s request? That would mean facing the guy she had an “unforgettable” one-night-stand with Would Alex accept? A good job would sure help out a lot in his plans of being a better Man for Cindy. You know how Alex is a bit insecure of his life status, being poor vs Cindy’s rich lifestyle.

Meanwhile, it’s getting hotter in Temptation Of Wife, what with Chantal’s irresistible charms working on Marcel who acts like a dog whenever Chantal is in the vicinity. Let’s just say, “OPERATION: REVENGE” is going along just fine according to Chantal and Yolanda’s plan. Heidi’s psychosis is sooo fun to watch, no?

Don’t dare miss Pahiram Ng Sandali and Temptation Of Wife this Thursday.