KC Concepcion’s New Auburn Red Hair Color, YES Or No?

KC Concepcion is sporting a new hair color these days. At first she did a really nice shade of red. This time around it’s more reddish that it looks almost fuchsia. The only color I could think of right now is the deepest shade of auburn red color. Do you like it or not? Please vote in the poll below.

BTW, just because the color looks good on KC doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you too so don’t walk into your hair stylist and starts demanding to get KC’s new hair color. OK? It’s dangerous to change different hair colors within a day if one doesn’t work out. You have to wait 6 months or 3 months at least if you’re that impatient. In the meantime, you’ll be walking around with a hair color that doesn’t suit you. Hey, just being helpful here.