Gerald Anderson Describes Maja Salvador As Charming & Mabait

The controversial Misibis trip that Gerald Anderson and Maja Salvador took, coincidentally or not, intentionally on the plane together or not, was instrumental in making the two get to know each other more. Gerald realized that Maja is so fun to be with. Gerald also described Maja as charming and mabait. The trip also made Gerald realize that there shouldn’t be anything wrong if he asks Maja out so he could get to know her better.

Nang magpunta umano sila sa Misibis, hindi pa umano sila close ni Maja at ang pagkakataong iyon ang nagsilbing paraan para makilala nila ang isa’t isa. “Parang nakita ko sa kanya na parang, wow, parang masaya siyang kasama,” lahad ni Gerald kay Boy. “Charming, mabait, nage-enjoy ako na kasama siya. When we came back, being single and matagal na rin po akong single, and siya din single siya, at that time, kumbaga parang ano’ng masama kung yayain ko siyang lumabas or anong masama kung pwede kaming magkaroon ng pagkakataon na makilala namin ang isat-isa?”

Unfortunately, things got blown out of proportion before the 2 could move any further but Gerald bravely admits that he really wants to court Maja if she lets him. He added that he’s not a kid anymore and can very well make decisions on his own, and whether they’re right or wrong, he’ll stand by his decisions. And generally speaking, Gerald said when one finds true happiness the opinions of people you don’t actually know you won’t matter and you’ll just keep being strong.

It got blown out of proportion again,” ani Gerald. “Di pa kami nagdi-date, ‘di pa kami lumabas na kami lang dalawa. Yeah, I would love to (court Maja) kung bibigyan niya ako ng chance. Kung bibigyan po ako ng chance ni Maja, I’d love to get to know her better, na mas makilala namin ang isat-isa,”

“Tulad ng sabi ko kanina, ‘di na po ako bata. I’m making decisions on my own, mali man yon, tama, paninindigan ko. Siguro pag nahanap ‘yung tunay na happiness is when you forget about the opinion of the people na di mo naman kilala. Siguro just stay strong.” (source)

There you go. Let’s just hope Maja and Kim won’t start pulling each other’s hair or hitting each other with their 5 inches heels in the next Star Magic Ball, ala Coco-Matteo fight scene. They can just do that during their teleserye INA KAPATID ANAK! Hardy Har Har!