Dingdong Dantes Says He Is Marian Rivera’s #1 Supporter

It really goes without saying that OF COURSE Dingdong Dantes is very much aware of Marian Rivera’s decision to finally pose in FHM Philippines. Of course they’ve talked about it. Of course he saw the pictures first. Of course he’s supporting Marian the way she supports him in everything he does. This is a given fact. This is obvious. Which makes this default intrigues about Dingdong supposedly mad about the cover and is angry that Men are looking at the pictures(Really, Samio?, REALLY?) so insulting and irritatingly grinding to all sensibilities.

But for posterity’s sake, and to shut all intrigeros up(for lack of a better phrase), here’s a video of Dingdong Dantes saying he’s Marian’s #1 supporter and that he knew from the start how very pretty and sexy she is.

COPISH?? Good, now go find your copies..