Kim Chiu’s Interesting Quotes | Are They For Maja Salvador?

A lot of celebs post quotes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No biggie, regular people do it too. Sometimes we do it randomly but more often than not we pick a certain quote to express what we’re feeling on a particular day, and whatever situation we are in. Agree?

At the press conference of ABS-CBN’s Ina Kapatid Anak Book 2 on Tuesday night(Philippines time), Kim Chiu was asked about the rumors that involves her ex Gerald Anderson and BFF Maja Salvador. The latter admitted that she and Gerald were on the same flight en route Misibis Bay but told everyone to ask Gerald if he’s courting her. Kim Chiu on the other hand said she’s not bitter about what’s going on between the 2 but was a bit surprised since Maja was/is her friend and she was her crying shoulder when she was hurting over the breakup with Gerald. In this video(click), Kim said the friendship was wasted, “nasayang ang friendship“, and also revealed that Maja actually asked her permission to go out with Gerald.

Which brings us back to the quotes that Kim Chiu posted on her Instagram on Sunday and Tuesday.

“treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those who are rude to you, not because they are nice, but YOU are.” GOOD MORNING!!!? rise and shine!!!?have a blessed sunday everyone!????

“not all people can understand what you mean, because we may have the same language but we dont have the same way of thinking.” good afternoon everyone!!!???? enjoy your day!!!???????????? nwah!

Are these quotes for Maja? Maybe it’s for Gerald? Or maybe the press? or maybe they’re just totally random and has nothing to do with anything at all. And maybe all of these have nothing to with their show’s Book 2 season promos. Who freaking knows?? I just thought I’d ask, HAHA!