Annabelle Rama On Whether Sarah Lahbati Is Pregnant

OK, I have to admit, after reading Sarah Lahbati‘s tweet about her problem with GMAAC which in parting shot she said she’s going back to Switzerland to study, pregnancy came to mind. Here it is, she signed up with Annabelle Rama as co-manager with GMAAC, instead of ICONS, but she’s leaving the country. HUH? She could study in the Philippines and still continue to work a little bit. She gets an income, and the people managing her career will get their agreed upon percentage shares, right? So there are two scenarios why Sarah would just up and leave like that especially when you consider her seemingly good relationship with Richard Gutierrez.

a. Stay out of the country so she won’t be sued by GMA 7. However, the network could file something in court to force yet legally hold Sarah to stay to either fulfill her contract or respond to the lawsuit, if there’s any.

b. She’s pregnant

I’m not the only one who thought of letter B. So here’s Annabelle Rama addressing the issue.

Is Sarah Lahbati pregnant with boyfriend Richard Gutierez’s child?

In a phone interview with Yahoo! Philippines OMG!, Annabelle Rama, Richard Gutierrez’s mother says her son hasn’t told her anything to that effect.

“At in case ganoon na nga, dalaga naman si Sarah, binata si Richard. Walang problema,” she added.

Annabelle has talked to Sarah and her mom and knows that the young actress wants to go to Switzerland to resume her studies as soon as possible to get away from the stress she is going through. (source)

This has turned into a bloody mess in time for GMA 7′s INDIO which Sarah Lahbati is a part of in the early episodes, and the SEDUCTION movie with Solenn and Richard. I don’t even know anymore what’s real and what’s being used for promos. HMMMMMM.