The Irony: Claudine Barretto In TV5′s Untold Stories

To quote my own tweet about the fact that Claudine Barretto has an upcoming show under TV5 via the Untold Stories, “That moment when you realize that Claudine Barretto and Tulfo Bros are working for the same network, TV5. AWKWARD!” Just in case you’ve forgotten, Claudine and hubby Raymart Santiago had that infamous airport incident with Mon Tulfo back in May which was followed by the remaining Tulfo Bros issuing a threat on national TV, TV5 took action, then MTRCB suspended Tulfo Bros for 3 months which didn’t really sit well with TV5.

Fast forward to August 2012, Claudine is now working for TV5 which means she didn’t renew her GMA 7 contract. When asked if Claudine is going to sign up with TV5, Claudine said “hopefully yes, ang sarap maging Kapatid.” Talk about Irony!

Watch the video after the fold….

Whether Claudine becomes Kapatid or remain a freelancer, we wish her luck. It’s a shame not to have her talent shown on TV or movies so she should go where she’s given the opportunity to be the talented actress that she is.