Pep Talk With Marian Rivera, Part 1

Here’s the part 1 of the much-awaited Pep Talk with Marian Rivera. One of the topics they tackled is if she’ll leave showbiz when she gets married. In Pinoy showbiz, getting married seems to be the gateway for some celebs to completely disappear. Thankfully, not all go by that ideal, including Marian Rivera. She loves her job. Acting and Dancing will never leave her blood. When Pep asked if that’s OK with Dingdong, Marian firmly said he’ll have no choice but to follow her decision coz it’s what she wants to do. That is such a strong statement that tickles my closet-feminist’s fancy, and something else too. Think hard what that something else is :).

FYI: A military wedding doesn’t mean the bride will wear the camouflage uniform. The groom, who is/was in the military will wear the formal uniform. Camouflage uniform is for day to day work but there’s a uniform for formal events. And then there will be like an entorage of fellow soldiers with their sword when the bride and groom walk down the aisle after the ceremony. In short, when they get married and they’ll have a military-themed wedding, Marian would most probably wear her white wedding gown. Unless she decides to wear a camouflage printed dress, Haha!

Anyhooooo, part 2 of this Pep Talk will be posted on June 14. For the text version, check out Pep.