Toni Gonzaga Stands Firm On Her Opinion About Lady Gaga

After Toni Gonzaga was bashed and criticized in all social media outlets because of her opinions on Lady Gaga, she stands firm on what she believes in. Toni reiterated that while she respects Lady Gaga as an artist, she has decided to stop listening to her songs.

“Yes, I am aware that I was being bashed and being named names. I was being called a hypocrite and trying to be righteous, but I believe I merely stated my personal opinion,” Toni started.

“I’m not convincing anyone or I’m not forcing anyone to agree with me because I was just asked and that’s just how I feel and what I feel at the moment.

According to Toni, she did not feel like she “condemned” or “judged anyone” because it was a “general statement” she just gave.

“That’s how I feel about it and I think that we should just all respect each others’ opinion just like how I respect their opinion towards me,” she told her critics.

RESPECT FOR LADY GAGA. Maintaining her perspective on Lady Gaga’s music, Toni relayed, “I used to be a fan of her songs before and I must admit that I used to listen to her and I used to perform her songs.

“But it’s just that lately, there are some things that she does and there are some lyrics in the song that I personally felt uncomfortable [with]. So, I decided to stop listening to her songs.”

Despite this, Toni said she still respects Lady Gaga as an artist.

“I know that she’s doing what she loves to do and she’s expressing her form of music through her songs… or [the way] she’s expressing herself and her image through her songs. So, I respect her for that.”

SO BE IT. While Toni holds no grudge against Lady Gaga or her legion of fans, the TV host/actress holds her ground: “What I merely stated was just my opinion and if I get bashed for my personal opinion, then so be it.”

Does Toni believes that music can penetrate a person’s thinking.

“Whatever it is that we put in our hearts and minds, whatever seed you plant in it, it will grow. We might not know it but subconsciously, in one way or another, it can affect us.”

She reiterated, nonetheless, “I respect her and I will continue to respect her and her music but it’s just my personal choice to stop listening na lang … to her songs.

“But my respect for her doesn’t stop as an artist.” (source)

I may not agree with Toni’s opinions but I do respect her for having them and standing behind them, firmly. So good for her, I guess.