DJ Mo Twister's Video On Rhian Ramos' Alleged Abortion

Here is the controversial, shocking, emotional, and painful video of DJ Mo Twister, crying his heart out, talking to himself about why he is in Singapore, staying in Ritz-Carlton with Rhian Ramos. This video that’s been the talk of the town, and has been speculated on ever since MO Twister started exploding on Twitter. Watch it below.

(Video Transcript Here!!)

MO Twister wanted to be a father but Rhian Ramos was not ready to be a Mommy, and she has her career to think of. Like Mo said, Rhian will do anything for her career. And you know what? That’s Rhian’s choice and she’s entitled to make it.

I have a headache thinking about how GMA 7/Ida Henares will cover up or try to avoid facing this issue. If I were them and Rhian Ramos, I would just admit what happened and say it’s my choice and my right to make. Coz really, denying the matter and acting all innocent and flabbergasted about it is a worthless move at this point. Being honest for the 1st time in her life might just be what will earn her respect from people, including yours truly. Good Luck!

All we can say to Mo Twister now is, we hope someday he’ll forgive himself and find peace in New York or wherever else he’ll end up after. To Rhian Ramos, and other young women out there who want to have a career, whatever it is, if you’re going to have sex, be responsible about it by taking birth control pills, using condoms, or taking that 5 or 10-yr injection that will prevent you from getting pregnant. Once you decide to have sex, talk to your OB/GYN and discuss how to protect yourself. Unwanted pregnancy is not the only thing you might gain, there are also STD’s out there. That’s All!