Video Blog Volume 1: You Asked, I Answered!

Consider this 1st installment of Video Blog as a Tester. Just like baking cookies where the first batch are sometimes burnt, this first video blog needs a lot of polishing. I suggest you use headphones so you don’t scare everyone away in your house, the office, or wherever you’re watching this video of course. Enjoy.

1. In the first question, I forgot to mention Kim Chiu. Add her as one of the Kapamilya stars I like.
2. CLARIFICATION: When I said Marian doesn’t need to be protected by yours truly I was merely talking about the situation with Heart. My decision not to divulge everything is NOT in a way to protect Marian in the sense that she did something wrong. I’m very proud of Marian for how she handled this thing, maturely and responsibly. Of course Marian needs protection all the time. She’s a famous celebrity who gets bombarded by people wherever she goes. Don’t worry, she’s very much protected :).

Keep posting your questions in this link or e-mail them to me at Yes, I said “so” and “you know what I mean” too many times. Please don’t be harsh on your reviews coz I’m an emo-sensitive person. ;). Thanks everyone.