Top 5 Best Dressed List At 2011 Star Magic Ball

Here are our Top 5 Best Dressed List from the 2011 Star Magic Ball. In our opinion, these are the ladies who really thought about the Ball for months and months then went all out to look glamorous for the night. There’s a tie for the 5th spot coz one of us who-shall-remain-nameless was about to have a conniption if her choice didn’t make the list. We didn’t want blood all over our screen monitors so we decided to compromise. Enjoy!

Kim Chiu in a Francis Libiran white pleated mermaid dress with embellishment and va-va-boom tiered hem.

THE FEISTY FILIPINAKim Chiu wanted something white and floaty and what Kim wants, Kim gets. She looked FABULOUS. Perfect hair and perfect makeup to complement the ballgown. That tiered hem definitely stunned me. This gown shows that KIM CHIU IS KIM CHIU! :)

THE SNARKY FILIPINAWhat TFF is not telling everyone of course is that she would’ve preferred KC Concepcion to be on top coz she thinks they’re homegirls but I fought for Miss Kim Chiu. She won the Drop Dead Stunner award for crying out loud.

THE NAUGHTY FILIPINAShe sure showed Gerald Anderson What’s Up, HEH! Speaking of, did you see his hair? WTF?

KC Concepcion in Ezra swarovski sheer lace mermaid gown.

THE FEISTY FILIPINAMy Homegirl looked GORGEOUS!! (throws dagger looks at Snarky). The hair and makeup reminded me of Scarlett O’Hara. Of course her date Papa P stepped up to the plate too with his white tux bowtie look ala Rhett Butler. Oh and check out the curves. Girlfriend is loving her Plana Forma for sure.

THE SNARKY FILIPINA*eyeroll* My Gosh, we get it. Stop your Gone With The Wind blatherings. But I agree, KC looked amazing from head to toe.

THE NAUGHTY FILIPINAKC’s red lipstick and red nails matched Papa Piolo’s red buttoner. They’ve obviously planned their looks to match. Great job all around.

Maja Salvador in a Pepsi Herrera black ballgown.

THE FEISTY FILIPINAI wasn’t surprised at all when I read on Twitter that Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli had a fist fight after the Ball. I mean look at Maja right there. She looked amazing. I love the hair and the gown was perfect for her. It’s sweetly debutante yet very diva-esque.

THE SNARKY FILIPINAYeah, she looked beautiful which makes me want to punch those two men myself. They couldn’t just let Maja enjoy her night before her movie premieres in theaters. Especially after all the issues thrown at her regarding Toni G’s boyfriend. Yah know, can’t the girl just be Cinderella for one night without 2 jerks punching each other in the face?

THE NAUGHTY FILIPINAOh c’mon Snarky. You gotta admit, two men fighting over Maja??, Hellooo?? So romantic. Her hair must be longer than her tulle tail.

THE FEISTY FILIPINAWow, I didn’t know Naughty knew what a tulle is. Haha!


Rica Peralejo in Edwin Tan red mermaid tiered ballgown.

THE FEISTY FILIPINAI went crazy over this gown. Oh-Em-Gee. I was dying to find a fabulous red gown and Rica delivered. I love the origami swirlies going on in the sweetheart bustline and fitted bodice. Then I saw the tiered hem and almost died from sheer joy. Thank You Rica!

THE SNARKY FILIPINAYah, you almost made me deaf with your shriek, geez. Rica Peralejo, who knew? She gave those young girls a run for their money alright!

THE NAUGHTY FILIPINAI was actually surprised too.. LOL. The Pastor’s wife looked divine.

Cristine Reyes in a Jojo Macapinlac grey beaded tulle ballgown. Cristine is our first 5th spotter.

THE FEISTY FILIPINAAs much as I’m not fond of the grey color, there’s something so glamorous about the gown on Cristine. I’ll give her credit for making it work.

THE SNARKY FILIPINAYou know, this would look great in red but if you think about it, the gown might look too pageantry if it was in red so grey is definitely a good change.

THE FEISTY FILIPINAHow about in black?

THE NAUGHTY FILIPINAIf that gown was in black, I reckoned you two will be having your own fist fight for the 2nd spot. Cristine looked pretty. I love her hair too.

Bea Alonzo in a Jun Escario mermaid black studded gown. 2nd fifth spotter.

THE FEISTY FILIPINAI think Bea was channeling Anne Curtis’s Rajo Laurel’s sheer cut-out dress. Even the hair and red lipstick. But I gotta give it to her coz she looked fabulous. Oh and she looks toned.

THE SNARKY FILIPINABea looked more mature in this dress but she worked it. I’m thinking retro-glam.

THE NAUGHTY FILIPINAI can’t believe that you two are completely ignoring that cleavage. The way the embellishments around it are just too precise and dare I say, too contrived. I want to know how many people at the party who tried so hard to have an eye contact with her as oppose to settling their sights on her chest. Talk about awkward. But I agree, Zanjoe’s girlfriend was glamorous and she gets major points for going for it.

Other girls we loved that night were Megan Young, Melissa Ricks, Jewel Mische, Kathryn Bernardo, and Ina Feleo. Please feel free to opine your fashion thoughts on this best dressed list and the worst dressed list as well. Did you like the other celebs? Lets us know. Oh and please don’t take our jabberings seriously. We’re just a bunch of wananbes who could only wish to be invited at the Star Magic Ball. Maybe next year… in our dreams.

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