Starlet’s Attitude At The Rebisco Corporate Dinner

We received an e-mail regarding this Starlet’s attitude last Friday night during the Rebisco Corporate Dinner. She wrote it in Tagalog but we’re translating it here.

The e-mail sender shared that this Starlet was about to go up on stage but a little misunderstanding happened backstage with the staff and Diana Meneses ended up going up first. The Starlet got mad then yelled at the staff, “Ang Bo-Bobo Nyo Kasi” (you guys are stupid). She didn’t want to perform anymore but the staff were able to talk to her so she changed her mind. However, the incident must have ruined the Starlet’s night coz when it was time for her to take pictures with people, she was just irritated the whole night.

Some of the staff members were hurt because there were other stars there like Michael V, Julie Anne San Jose, and Allan K who are clearly bigger celebrities than this Starlet but they were very nice to the staff and understood what was happening backstage.

CLUES: She used to be a co-host in a noontime show and had a text-catfight with an FHM winner.

Do you know who it is?