Watch "Ang Huling Prinsesa" Documentary From I-Witness

“Ang Huling Prinsesa” (The Last Princess) is a documentary from Kara David shown in I-Witness back in 2004 that inspired the story of AMAYA. Due to high demands from viewers because of Amaya’s arrival in Philippine TV, GMA 7 is re-airing the documentary this Friday.

“Ang Huling Prinsesa,” a classic I-Witness documentary by Kara David was one of the inspirations for GMA-7′s epic teleserye Amaya.

“Nung napanood ko yung documentary, na-excite ako. Naging curious ako sa pre-Hispanic history, sa mga ancient epic ng Panay-Bukidnon. It’s about time that a soap becomes a vehicle not just for entertainment but for education,” says Suzette Doctolero, creator of the Amaya series.

“For the documentary which helped inspire the soap, Kara David trekked deep into the mountains of Capiz province. In a remote mountain community, she met Isiang, one of the last remaining tribal princesses or binukot.

“Since being chosen the binukot of her tribe, Isiang has worn a veil so that no one can see her face. She is lifted onto a hammock every day so her feet never touch the ground. She is bathed, combed and served only the best food … like an ancient princess. Her work is to learn the traditional dances and memorize the tribe’s hours-long epics.

“Actresses Marian Rivera and Rochelle Pangilinan, who now play binukots in the Amaya soap, were asked to watch the I-Witness documentary to help internalize their roles.

“Ang Huling Prinsesa” the original documentary by Kara David airs this Friday night at 8 pm over GMA News TV.”

So if you live in the Philippines and had caught the Amaya Fever, watch the docu this Friday. I don’t know if it’ll be shown in Pinoy TV and when so just keep an eye out for it. I’ll post an update in Twitter(PinaysInShowbiz) if I see any previews on Pinoy TV.