Watch Out For Marian Rivera's New Endorsement

In a few days, a billboard of Marian Rivera’s new endorsement will be unveiled. I know what it is but I’m not allowed to tell. It’ll be a secret until it’s officially announced by the product itself. What I could tell you though, and Nitz Miralles as well, is that it has something to do with beauty. Something laser hair removal.

Samantala, isa sa mga araw na ito, itataas na siguro ang billboard ni Marian ng bago niyang endorsement na isang beauty clinic.

Sabi ng manager nitong si Popoy Caritativo, ni-request ng aktres na mag-endorse siya ng beauty clinic at natupad. Ang laser hair removal ang ii-endorse niya sa beauty clinic.

Marian’s contract is for billboard and print so I don’t think we’ll be seeing TVC’s anytime soon. But you never know as months progress. Congrats to Marian for another endorsement under her belt.