Hot Pictures Of Dingdong Dantes’ Bookazine




Pardon me while I fan myself.. Whewwwww. As reported yesterday, Dingdong Dantes is releasing a bookazine courtesy of YES magazine. It’ll showcase Dingdong Dantes in various life moments, realities and fantasies. And what a fantasy indeed. In this picture, Dingdong is showing a harmonious relationship between a Man and a “beast”. That’s according to PEP :) .


More hot pictures after the fold….



In here, Dingdong is portraying a soldier. He said if he wasn’t an artista he probably would have been a soldier. I just had a Top Gun moment. Oh Maverick!!! Whewwww. I think God made sure Dingdong didn’t become a soldier so he’ll meet Marian Rivera. And if he wasn’t an artista, we wouldn’t be blessed with watching Dingdong on TV and movies, and seeing hot pictures like these. Know what I mean? ;)


Dingdong Dantes as Superman. Dingdong admits to liking Superheroes like Superman and Batman. Well, we all know that Darna is his rumored girlfriend, right? Ahem. We’re hoping he gets to play Captain Barbell someday as well. Darna Meets Captain Barbell, how befitting. *Cross our fingers*




Dingdong The Vampire. Shoot, if that’s the one who is going to bite us in the neck, then by all means Go For It!! Bite away Mr. Dantes… :lol:

The Dingdong Dantes bookazine will be available in the Philippines on August 25th.

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