Did Carla Abellana Lie About Her Boyfriend?


At the recent Rosalinda press conference, newcomer Carla Abellana who plays Rosalinda told press that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Asked if she’s only saying that but the truth is she has one, Carla reiterated that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and she’s not going to let love affect her career. Really? Then who is JC Intal in Carla’s life? Look at the picture above, do they look like they’re just friends?


More pictures of Carla Abellana and JC Intal after the fold……..







We don’t give a crap if Carla Abellana has a boyfriend or not. Just don’t try to bullshit people by denying him. Just tell the press that you want to keep your private life, private. No need to paint a false picture especially when there are pictures of her and her boyfriend together posted online (Friendster, Multiply, WhosDatedWho). The problem here is she and Geoff along with GMA 7 are trying to sell this new loveteam for the show but they’re not fooling anybody. You could tell from their appearances how Carla couldn’t look Geoff straight in the eyes. That’s because there is a boyfriend and a relationship that she’s trying to protect.

Come on, she can do that while working. Respect the viewers well enough to talk to them honestly from the beginning. Some fans can be very territorial but most of them appreciates it if you give them a genuine and heartfelt explanation.

Unless of course Carla and JC broke up in order for the former to commit herself into showbizness. If that’s the case, then that’s her prerogative and good for her I guess. If it’s not, then she better start rethinking her approach in answering questions and dealing with intrigas.

BTW, picture #6 is also posted in Carla Abellana’s official multiply website. Soooo, if she broke up with JC Intal, why would she have that picture posted there.


Perhaps they just broke up recently. Or, the picture is just for friendship’s sake but why use that particular picture where he is kissing her oh-so-lovingly? I mean I’m sure she has other pictures where people wouldn’t easily misinterpret it as a loving picture of two people who are obviously in love with each other. There are just too many loopholes in the story but whatevs. Like we said, it doesn’t really matter one iota if Carla Abellana has a boyfriend or not. We just don’t like too much pa-showbiz effect. Puhllleeeaazzze.

Nevertheless, Good Luck on Rosalinda :)


(Images : WhosDatedWho)